“The work that I do with Danielle has completely transformed my relationship with food.  I have learned how to make delicious, healthy meals, as well as how to food shop and entertain guests. I now understand the effects that different ingredients and chemicals can have on my body and mind, and I am much more deliberate about what I eat. I feel better, I sleep better, and many friends and family members have commented about the positive change in my overall demeanor. I am so happy that I met Danielle.  Learning from her has permanently changed my life for the better.”    ~ Amy, Manhattan

“Danielle is extremely knowledgeable about food, nutrition, and preparation, as well as a clear and informative teacher! She came to the house and together we prepared a delicious dinner which we then enjoyed with our friends, and have since used many of the recipes Danielle shared with us. High recommendations for this social and educational evening!” ~ Julie, Manhattan

“Danielle Krupa cooks healthy, creative, and tasty food for me and has for almost a year. Eating her food is one the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself.  Her sauces and dips are orgasmically tasty–chipotle creams, hummus, avocado creams, tahinis…all of them are mouthwateringly good. Sometimes I use my finger to scoop out the last bits! She has made me an addict to healthy food that I never imagined could taste so good; I actually crave kale, squash, quinoa, fish and brown rice!!  My skin is clear, I have greater energy, and I’ve even lost weight!  I couldn’t live this well without Danielle.”    ~ Cathy, Brooklyn

“Danielle has pretty much altered my life in the best possible way. I was very sick for years and deteriorating quickly, she took the time and care to research my symptoms and in 24 hours figured out what an army of doctors could not for 2 years. I have celiac disease. Amazing how much damage a simple protein can cause and how one person could help so much. I am forever in her debt.”  ~ Heidi, Brooklyn

“If you’re into eating very healthy and delicious food (or simply interested
 in trying to improve upon the quality of your diet), a great idea for
 entertaining is to have a group of friends over for dinner, and have
 Danielle “take over”.  After discussing the menu of your preference (and
 also offering great suggestions), she does all the shopping in advance,
 buying only fresh and nutritional ingredients, and offers to bring along any kitchen supplies you might not have at home.  Your guests arrive, and Danielle has the menus printed together with the ingredients, and prepares the meal while explaining the method of cooking every step of the way.  It
 is a feast for the eyes to watch the most colorful and gorgeous ingredients transformed into delectable dishes, and the smells emanating from your kitchen will put you in the mood to eat heartily.  Open a bottle of wine
 while you’re waiting, and you won’t be disappointed at what a great meal is in store for you and your guests.  Every dish is so special.  As you’re
 dining, the cleaning up is taking place and it’s all about having a pleasurable experience with food.  I can’t recommend Danielle highly enough.
 She is also very patient, articulate and charming!!”  ~ Marsha, Manhattan