The Top 10 Basics Of Gluten-Free Baking

Whether you have celiac disease, a gluten intolerance or are just curious to experiment with gluten-free baking, here are some of the basic rules and guidelines I follow to create delicious, moist, and tender baked goods.  And if you’ve ever tried a dried out, rock hard gluten-free baked good, you can appreciate what I’m talking about.  Use this as your cheat sheet and I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the results. Continue reading

Recipe: Gluten-Free Lemon-Raspberry Tart

My husband and I both love desserts – what we don’t love is that sticky sweet, overly full feeling we get after we’ve just indulged in one, often two.  At least not during the week, we save that for weekends… So to celebrate Valentine’s Day this past week I created an extremely healthy, gluten-free, lemon-raspberry tart that allowed us to gorge on a Tuesday night and not feel one ounce of guilt afterwards.  And by gorge, I mean continued with it the next morning for breakfast and polished it off that evening after dinner. Continue reading