Food Labeling Misconception #1: All-Natural

I have many, but I will not bore or inundate you all at once with a long list of them.   Today we will only look at one: The “Natural” label.

When you look at any packaged food, the words “All Natural” or “Made with Natural Ingredients” splayed across the label are meant to lure you into thinking this product is healthier than the non all-natural package next to it.  I basically consider this totally false and deceptive marketing.  This natural label is implying that a food is more wholesome by virtue of the fact it contains Continue reading

Forks Over Knives: Can A Plant-Based Diet Change Your Life?

Forks Over Knives” is a documentary in which Lee Fulkerson creates a food and health film a la “Supersize Me.”  Instead of eating only at McDonald’s for a month and nearly killing himself though, Fulkerson eats a plant-based whole foods diet for six months and basically saves his life.  As expected, we see him go off his cholesterol and blood pressure medications, drop a substantial amount of weight, sleep better and increase his energy.  Continue reading

The Times They Are A Changin….

Austin, Texas is unlike most cities in Texas.  Actually, it’s unlike every other city I’ve ever been to in Texas (which is a fair amount).  It is a progressive and liberal playground for hippies, musicians, artists, laid back folk, vegans, vegetarians, and those with dietary restrictions.  So it shouldn’t surprise me that a music festival there would be laden with health-conscious and gluten-free friendly options that would exceed any palette’s gourmet desires.  But it does. This year, more than any other year, Austin City Limits (arguably the countries’ best 3 day music festival from which I have just returned) provided Continue reading

Creating The Life You Want: My Interview With Mandy Gresh

A few weeks ago a client of mine introduced me to Mandy Gresh.  Mandy is a savvy NYC woman who took 6 months off from her high powered job to create the life she truly wanted. In that time she started the blog aptly titled My Six Months Off.  Full of inspiration and business advice, the website is a great go-to for women of all interests and backgrounds.  One unique section is 5 Question Friday.  This is an area dedicated to women who, like Mandy, have taken the plunge to create the life they want.  This past Friday I was featured. If you’d like, check it out…..

5Q Friday with Danielle Krupa


Fact or Fiction: Junk Food Is Good For Your Health

A new report by ABC this week suggests that major food companies, including PepsiCo and Coca-Cola, are prepared to pay scientists to help construct evidence refuting the link between poor health and junk food. The terms of the payments do not overtly require the scientists to fabricate study results; it’s more to poke holes in the scientific consensus. The funded research in addition to the lucrative speaking and consulting deals the scientists are offered are all in “an effort to confuse U.S. families about Continue reading

The Sandwich In A Can: Part II

Last July I wrote about the Utah money manager, Travis L. Wright, that allegedly misappropriated millions of dollars from his clients in honor of a sandwich in a can.  Rather than putting the funds into high-yield real estate investments as he had promised, he put the money toward backing Mark One Foods precious cause: the Candwich.  You remember, the sandwich ingredients thrown into a can just to be reassembled?  Because obviously a sandwich isn’t portable enough as it is Continue reading

Functional Food Benefits: Fact or Fiction

Functional Food – the food industry term for products that can potentially lower cholesterol, slim your waistline, improve immunity, or regulate your digestive system.  Otherwise known as a marketing strategy for food companies to promote food labels with health or wellness-maintaining properties.  There is nothing wrong with such claims, in fact they’re perfectly legal, however, they must be backed up by at least some credible science.   Continue reading

ZICO: The Chocolate Version?

I will admit when I saw ZICO Chocolate (chocolate flavored coconut water) on my grocery store shelf last week I became instantly bothered.  My first thought: there goes another pure, all-natural product ruined with loads of sugar, additives, and preservatives. While the new chocolate flavor is by no means perfect, the ingredient list reads better than expected. Continue reading

Second Harvest Japan: A Food Bank Responding To Tragedy

I was in Florida this past week visiting my in-laws.  I played golf, went to a dinner/dance at their country club, and ate more cheese and m&m’s than I’d like to admit.  It may not be the exact way I’d like to spend a week away with my husband, but I genuinely look forward to this trip every year.  I find great importance in spending time with my family and partaking in the activities they enjoy.  While I was there I learned of the extreme tragedy happening in Japan.  Continue reading

15 Absurd Frozen Foods


I came across this list of 15 frozen food products that I’m fairly certain might be leading to part of the health crisis in America and which undoubtedly take absurdity to another level.  Part of me finds it hilarious, part of me finds it frightening.

The standouts: microwaveable pork rinds, pickle juice popsicles, and chocolate chip pancake wrapped sausages on a stick.

I may be biased, but do these even sound appealing?

You be the judge…..

Read the full list here.