Re-post: The Essentials Of Grilled Fruit

Grilling fruit is one of the easiest ways to summer-ize a dish.  Whether savory or sweet, it instantly adds a succulent twist.  This weekend while friends were over for dinner I turned some plums I had into a wonderful appetizer.  I simply grilled slices of rustic whole grain bread with olive oil, salt and pepper and topped it with ricotta cheese, grilled plums and a drizzle of honey.  It was absolutely delicious.   Peaches, figs, and dates would have worked beautifully as well.

In honor of that dish, I am re-posting last summers Cooking Tip Thursdays: The Essentials Of Grilled Fruit.

Other ideas for grilled fruit: top your favorite grilled fruit with whip cream or vanilla ice cream and mint for a quick and easy dessert, add grilled bananas to an ice cream sundae, add grilled mango to your favorite salsa, grilled pineapple to an asian inspired dish, grilled apricots to an arugula salad, toss grilled peaches over chicken or pork and why not include slices of grilled apple to your next cheese plate.




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