Friday Roundup: Week of 3.31.12 – 4.6.12

Welcome to the Friday Roundup – a little something new I’d like to present every Friday highlighting the links that were hot, and not so hot, in the world of food, health, and nutrition news.

This week we saw even more reasons to increase red wine consumption, avoid added sugars, question poultry, and perhaps steer clear of the next centurion bike race.  And that’s just the beginning.  Here’s to a fascinating and thought-provoking week in the media that (thankfully) doesn’t involve a Kardashian.

Can Bicycling Affect A Woman’s Sexual Health – We’ve all heard about what cycling can do to men, but check out this new study on the affects for women.  Sorry all you spinners out there.  (NY Times)

Salmonella Outbreak: Sushi Suspected As Source – Just made public this week, 19 states have been hit and over 90 people affected.  The #1 culprit thus far, the spicy tuna roll.  (Time)

What Eating Too Much Sugar Does To Your Brain – And the list goes on and on and on…..  Do yourself a favor and cutback on the addictive added sugars in your life.  (Forbes)

Banned Antibiotics Found In Poultry Products – Great, even more reason to question the quality of the meat on your plate.  (Science Daily)

Healthy Easter Desserts – Just because it tastes good, doesn’t mean it has to feel bad.  Let these desserts make you feel indulgent without all the guilt this weekend.  (Eating Well)

Williams-Sonoma Launches Agrarian Line With 275 High-End DIY Products – Has Farm-To-Table officially jumped the shark?  (Huffington Post)

Pet Food For Passover – I never knew kosher pet food existed.  But really, why shouldn’t your dog uphold the same beliefs as you?  (The Baltimore Sun)

Eating Flavonoids Protects Men Against Parkinson’s Disease – Just another reason to load up on those plant-based food and drinks.  I’m looking at you berries, apples, teas, and red wine.  (Science Daily)

Recipe Of The Week: Braised Greek Artichoke Bottoms With Lemon and Olive Oil – I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this favorite spring delight.  (NY Times)



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