Ch, Ch, Ch, Chia…..

Anyone who was alive in the 80’s has had the catchphrase “Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia” ring through his or her head at least once.  And though nostalgic to many, chia seeds are actually a nutrition powerhouse.  Chia is an edible seed that comes from the desert plant Salvia hispanica, a member of the mint family that grows abundantly in southern Mexico.  The Aztecs prized these miniature seeds more than gold and not only were they a main component of the Aztec and Mayan diets for survival, they were also used medicinally to stimulate saliva flow and to relieve joint pain and sore skin.  Today, you can Continue reading

Recipe: Gluten-Free Lemon-Raspberry Tart

My husband and I both love desserts – what we don’t love is that sticky sweet, overly full feeling we get after we’ve just indulged in one, often two.  At least not during the week, we save that for weekends… So to celebrate Valentine’s Day this past week I created an extremely healthy, gluten-free, lemon-raspberry tart that allowed us to gorge on a Tuesday night and not feel one ounce of guilt afterwards.  And by gorge, I mean continued with it the next morning for breakfast and polished it off that evening after dinner. Continue reading

Cooking Tip Thursdays: The Blanched Almond

Cooking Tip Thursdays is dedicated to making time in the kitchen quicker, easier, and just plain better…

Blanched almonds are almonds without the skins.  Simple as that.  So it amazes me how much more a store will charge you for already blanched almonds versus “regular” almonds.  Removing the skins is so quick, easy, and fun, that it really is worthwhile to save yourself a couple bucks and buy un-blanched almonds, and then blanch them yourself. Continue reading

Recipe: Dark Chocolate Graham Cracker Bread

Looking for a little weekend brunch inspiration?  This dark chocolate graham cracker bread is your answer.  Imagine the smell of this coming out of the oven first thing Saturday morning.  Even more so, imagine nibbling on it for the rest of the weekend.  It takes no time at all to make and many of the ingredients you may already have in your kitchen.  What’s more, its delicious taste is actually really good for you.  It’s full of fiber and antioxidants, it’s not full of refined flours or sugars, and it’s easily made vegan*.  And just in case you feel the need to make it extra decadent, give it a good toasting and spread with cream cheese…. Continue reading

Food Labeling Misconception #2: Multigrain

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in the food labeling misconceptions #1 post, many people believe that if something has a healthy buzzword on the label, it is automatically considered a healthy food.  This is not always the case.

A growing number of products from bread to potato chips to cereal to crackers proudly proclaim themselves to be “multigrain.” While this may appear to be a synonym for Continue reading

Cooking Tip Thursdays: The Cast Iron Pan

Cooking Tip Thursdays is dedicated to making time in the kitchen quicker, easier, and just plain better…

Durable, won’t break the bank, versatile, and essentially nonstick; a cast iron pan is the ultimate kitchen workhorse.  Whether for searing, sautéing, frying, grilling, baking, or even scrambling, this kitchen essential conducts, holds, and distributes heat remarkably well.  What’s more, cooking in cast iron increases the iron content of food.  The longer the food is in contact with the pan, the more it absorbs.  I have a skillet and a grill pan, and both are on the list of kitchen staples I’m emotionally attached to.  And like wine, cast iron gets Continue reading