Food Labeling Misconception #1: All-Natural

I have many, but I will not bore or inundate you all at once with a long list of them.   Today we will only look at one: The “Natural” label.

When you look at any packaged food, the words “All Natural” or “Made with Natural Ingredients” splayed across the label are meant to lure you into thinking this product is healthier than the non all-natural package next to it.  I basically consider this totally false and deceptive marketing.  This natural label is implying that a food is more wholesome by virtue of the fact it contains no artificial ingredients.  But often that is not the case.  Believe it or not, the FDA has neither a strict definition of the term natural nor any regulation requirements, so companies can pretty much use it however they want.  Therefore, we wind up with a slew of packaged foods claiming to be natural which actually contain added chemicals and substances.  The USDA, which regulates the meat and poultry industry, has a more precise definition of natural (no artificial ingredients and minimally processed), but it still allows for a small degree of additives to be included.  Even more so, it’s permissible for a natural label to be included on meat and poultry packages of animals raised with antibiotics and hormones.

Is it the end of the world, no.  But it is something I would certainly think about when you are considering spending more money on a product because it claims to be natural…

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2 thoughts on “Food Labeling Misconception #1: All-Natural

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