The Reinvented Latke

Looking for a new twist on the traditional Hanukkah latke?  Have no fear, this week Edible Brooklyn and Great Performances catering held the third annual latke festival at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.  And twists there were.  No longer just a crispy potato pancake topped with sour cream and applesauce, these beloved holiday delights were proven widely adaptable to a variety of combinations and mixtures.

Take a look at the festival entries for inspiration and ideas to get you through 8 nights and beyond.  Because who says you can’t make miniature versions of these and serve them at your next cocktail party?

  • Sweet potato latke topped with braised oxtail and pickled peppers
  • Potato and butternut squash latke topped with duck pastrami, duck skin cracklins, and applesauce
  • Potato latke topped with chanterelle, maitake and black trumpet mushrooms and herbed ricotta
  • Celery root and potato latke topped with green apple sour cream
  • Potato latke topped with smoked bluefish
  • Sweet potato latke topped with gouda cheese, coleslaw, brisket and a jalapeno chip
  • Potato latke topped with quail egg and caviar
  • Potato latke topped with cabbage flan, corned beef and Swiss cheese fondue

* If these don’t entice you, try topping potato latkes with creme fraiche and caviar or smoked salmon, chipotle sour cream, or greek yogurt and chives; you can also add carrots, beets, or any other root vegetable to the mixture.  And of course, there’s always my sweet potato and sage version!

Happy Hanukkah,



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