The Times They Are A Changin….

Austin, Texas is unlike most cities in Texas.  Actually, it’s unlike every other city I’ve ever been to in Texas (which is a fair amount).  It is a progressive and liberal playground for hippies, musicians, artists, laid back folk, vegans, vegetarians, and those with dietary restrictions.  So it shouldn’t surprise me that a music festival there would be laden with health-conscious and gluten-free friendly options that would exceed any palette’s gourmet desires.  But it does. This year, more than any other year, Austin City Limits (arguably the countries’ best 3 day music festival from which I have just returned) provided endless above-mentioned options. No longer are the days of burgers, dogs, fries and coca-cola that one would expect at your typical festival.  Instead, local restaurants, food truck chefs and other purveyors have their own booths, selling favorite dishes and time-honored Austin staples to festival-goers.

Among the options: freshly made ginger ale, cucumber juice, kombucha and coconut water.  Fish, chicken, shrimp and oyster tacos, goat cheese stuffed banana peppers, vegetable burritos, wild mushroom and tenderloin skewers, crisp artichoke hearts, corn salad with soft egg and roasted peppers, barbecue (duh), wild game sausage, kettle corn, and various gluten-free protein bars (KIND, Larabar, Oatmega).

Every sign for every vendor included a (V) for vegan options and a (GF) for gluten-free options.  For this, I applaud the city of Austin.

And then I remember, I’m still in Texas…..

Yes, that’s right….they’d like to know if you’d like bacon on your veggie burger.



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