Cooking Tip Thursdays: The Citrus Squeezer

Cooking Tip Thursdays is dedicated to making time in the kitchen quicker, easier, and just plain better…

I know what you’re thinking – am I really giving a tip on squeezing lemons?  Yes, because unless you have the biceps of Arnold circa 1975, a citrus squeezer will change your life.  Ok, so maybe it won’t change your life, but it is one of the handiest and most useful kitchen gadgets out there.  With the power to completely drain your citrus, this easy to use timesaver frees your hands from Continue reading

More Fiber, Live Longer?

That’s right, fiber, in addition to the fun gastrointestinal cleansing it does, was recently discovered to extend life.  According to a study by the National Institutes of Health and AARP, there is a significant reduction in the risk of premature death for individuals who consume a high-fiber diet.  The longitudinal study collected detailed personal dietary habits of over 200,000 men and women and found those who incorporated more fiber into their daily meals lowered their chances of cardiovascular, Continue reading

The 10 Best Uses For Mint (Tea And Lemonade Not Included)

Mint is one of those herbs that once planted, can literally take over your garden before you know it.  Not that I have a garden.   I don’t.  But I have in the past and I know others who do.  I am however quite skilled at perfecting the Manhattan window box o’ herbs.  In any case, mint grows like wildfire and there are only so many ice-tea/lemonades you can drink.  So, whether you’re the talented gardener, window boxer, or you’ve just Continue reading

Fact or Fiction: Junk Food Is Good For Your Health

A new report by ABC this week suggests that major food companies, including PepsiCo and Coca-Cola, are prepared to pay scientists to help construct evidence refuting the link between poor health and junk food. The terms of the payments do not overtly require the scientists to fabricate study results; it’s more to poke holes in the scientific consensus. The funded research in addition to the lucrative speaking and consulting deals the scientists are offered are all in “an effort to confuse U.S. families about Continue reading

Cooking Tip Thursdays: The Essentials Of Grilled Fruit

Cooking Tip Thursdays is dedicated to making time in the kitchen quicker, easier, and just plain better…

What defines summer more than the taste of food right off the grill?  Well that and the sun hitting your face, a backyard barbecue with friends and family, the smell of suntan lotion at the beach, and an ice-cold beer.  But back to grilled foods – which have become synonymous with meat and vegetables.  While I never met a piece of barbecued chicken or grilled squash I didn’t like, it’s somewhat predictable.  If you’re looking to add a new trick, tip, or tool to your culinary repertoire, try grilling your Continue reading

The Fruits and Vegetables Of Summer

If there’s ever been a better time to up your fruit and vegetable intake, the next few months are it.  The summer brings a bounty of juicy and delicious produce, highlighting the finest nutrient-dense, hydrating, and cooling foods.  So kick off the first official day of summer by looking for the following fruits and vegetables at Continue reading

Cooking Tip Thursdays: The Frozen Berry

Cooking Tip Thursdays is dedicated to making time in the kitchen quicker, easier, and just plain better….

What’s worse than biting into an un-ripe strawberry in the dead of winter?  It’s not nearly as juicy, sweet, or as easy to digest as a freshly picked, ripe strawberry; it hasn’t reached its full nutritional potential, and chances are it’s been shipped halfway across the country to reach you.  Why not take advantage of the fresh, local, and ripe summer produce upon us right now and start freezing your fruit.  Freezing fruit, especially berries, not only maximizes the seasons best while at its peak (and cheapest), it maintains flavor and Continue reading

The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen: 2011 Rankings

When buying produce, we are faced with a choice: dish out more money for organic fruits and vegetables, or stick to conventionally grown produce to save a buck (or two).  To help make the decision easier, the Environmental Working Group, an advocacy nonprofit, uses data from the United States Department of Agriculture to identify which fruits and vegetables have the highest (“Dirty Dozen”) and lowest (“Clean 15”) amount of pesticide residue.  As of yesterday Continue reading

Recipe: Black Quinoa Salad with Apples, Walnuts, and Dried Cherries

Quinoa, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…

  1. You have an unusually high protein content, with 24 grams in one uncooked cup.
  2. Almost 20 percent of your nutritional composition is protein as compared to 7.5 percent for rice, 9.9 percent for millet, and 14 percent for wheat.
  3. You are a complete protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids.
  4. You are a good source of fiber, manganese, magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorous.
  5. You are easy to digest and gluten-free.
  6. You take less than 20 minutes to cook. Continue reading

Cooking Tip Thursdays: The Toasted Nut

Cooking Tip Thursdays is dedicated to making time in the kitchen quicker, easier, and just plain better….

When you want to add extra depth, crunch and flavor to a recipe calling for nuts, consider toasting them first.  Toasting helps to release the naturally occurring oil in nuts, lending an intensified and richer flavor to any dish or baked good.  In the case of thin-skinned nuts such as hazelnuts, it also makes removing their skins easier.  There are two ways to toast nuts:  Continue reading