The Sandwich In A Can: Part II

Last July I wrote about the Utah money manager, Travis L. Wright, that allegedly misappropriated millions of dollars from his clients in honor of a sandwich in a can.  Rather than putting the funds into high-yield real estate investments as he had promised, he put the money toward backing Mark One Foods precious cause: the Candwich.  You remember, the sandwich ingredients thrown into a can just to be reassembled?  Because obviously a sandwich isn’t portable enough as it is with all those inconvenient and cumbersome Ziploc bags…

Despite the past year of legal troubles, this bizarre food concept prevailed.  The Candwich became available for purchase this month (though only in PB&J, BBQ Chicken to follow).  It’s available online in a 4-pack for $12.  Mark One claims the can has an excellent shelf life, and well this is great news for anyone that dreams of America turning into a real life apocalyptic Cormac McCarthy novel. Inside the peel-top can is a packet of peanut butter, a packet of jelly, a roll, a piece of taffy for dessert as well as utensils for preparation.  Yes, it’s just as easy as, well, uh, making a sandwich.



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