ZICO: The Chocolate Version?

I will admit when I saw ZICO Chocolate (chocolate flavored coconut water) on my grocery store shelf last week I became instantly bothered.  My first thought: there goes another pure, all-natural product ruined with loads of sugar, additives, and preservatives. While the new chocolate flavor is by no means perfect, the ingredient list reads better than expected.  Containing a blend of coconut water, cane sugar, coconut cream, cocoa, vanilla, and Carrageenan, I decided to put my attitude on the shelf and give it a try (for research purposes of course).

The verdict: it actually tasted pretty good.   While I enjoyed the lack of sticky sweetness found in most flavored drinks, I was not expecting the lack of coconut flavor.  It was more reminiscent of a watered down yoo-hoo or thinned out skim chocolate milk.  On a taste scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 5.5, with 100% pure coconut water a 10 and yoo-hoo a 1.  On a scale of nutrients, it blows yoo-hoo out of the water.  This version is a considerably better choice to satisfy the worst of chocolate cravings with less cholesterol, calories, and sugar than the typical chocolate flavored drink.  With a reasonable 110 calories per 14 oz. bottle, 32% less sugar than many competing fruit flavored coconut waters; it’s also loaded with electrolytes.  Not to mention it contains 20% more potassium than ZICO’s current flavors on the market and is a good source of iron and magnesium.

* ZICO Chocolate premiered here in NY last month and will be available nationwide in June.  And no, ZICO does not pay me to mention them….



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