Second Harvest Japan: A Food Bank Responding To Tragedy

I was in Florida this past week visiting my in-laws.  I played golf, went to a dinner/dance at their country club, and ate more cheese and m&m’s than I’d like to admit.  It may not be the exact way I’d like to spend a week away with my husband, but I genuinely look forward to this trip every year.  I find great importance in spending time with my family and partaking in the activities they enjoy.  While I was there I learned of the extreme tragedy happening in Japan.  Not a day goes by that I don’t give thanks for the family, friends, health, shelter, and good food in my life.  Crises, whether big or small, always reinforce such gratitude.  Upon my return I have been researching relief efforts in Japan.  Here is where I have decided to pay gratitude forward and help in any small way I can.

Second Harvest Japan (2HJ) was the first food bank in Japan.  2HJ has built an infrastructure to collect and redistribute tasty and nutritious food to soup kitchens, orphanages, the elderly, emergency shelters, single mothers, migrant workers, and the homeless residents of Tokyo’s parks.  In light of the disaster in Japan, Second Harvest Japan is working around the clock to assist first line relief efforts in coordination with local food banks and other NGOs.  Relief efforts thus far include:

  • Working with their network food banks and local NGO partners to distribute emergency and disaster supplies.
  • Obtaining emergency response permits in order to drive a Second Harvest truck into the worst affected areas in northern Japan.
  • As of Tuesday, they have successfully delivered two truckloads of food and other supplies to the city of Sendai.
  • The 2HJ team is continuing to load their truck with supplies and will continue making deliveries of food, water, portable stoves, lanterns, personal hygiene items, blankets, and other emergency items.

To donate to Second Harvest Japan, click here.

Additional 2HJ links:

The Global FoodBanking Network

Time Out Japan

Engineering For Change



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