Guest Blog: The Natural Gourmet Institute

Check out the article I wrote on Food, Mood and Brain Function as a guest blogger for the Natural Gourmet Institute

Here’s an excerpt:

“Grapes Versus Twinkies” – that was the name of my 7th grade science fair project.  My hypothesis: students who ate a healthy, balanced breakfast would have a higher grade point average than those who did not.  It wasn’t overly scientific in its research methods, and the internet didn’t exist then.  I simply put together a one-week survey asking students to record what they ate for breakfast each day, their grades for that week, and their overall G.P.A.

My highly correlated results, full of confounding variables, did in fact corroborate a direct link between students who ate a healthy breakfast and higher grades as compared to the poorer grades of students who ate chocolate doughnuts, or didn’t eat breakfast at all.  I won an award and went on to the state science fair competition for this project.  There my “study” didn’t have a chance against the erupting volcanoes, ant farms and plant-filled terrariums

It didn’t matter to me because in my thirteen-year-old brain I knew all I needed to know: food affects not just the body but the mind as well.  That was just over 20 years ago, and I am still fascinated by the notion that certain foods can make us feel either energized or exhausted and have a measurable effect on the chemicals in our brain to make us feel that way…..

To read the article in its entirety click here.



2 thoughts on “Guest Blog: The Natural Gourmet Institute

  1. wow danielle!! you are goin’ places lady! so incredibly proud of you and what you are doing….i should have known that you would be on a path to healthy eating, cooking, and overall wellness when you made me those brownies with applesauce… 😉

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