Dr. David Katz: Obesity Vs. Tobacco Funding

Recent studies have shown that people who don’t smoke, eat well, are active and control their weight are roughly 80 percent less likely to get ANY major chronic disease than their counterparts who do the converse in each case ~ Dr. David Katz on the subject of medical research and the dramatic trade-off in funding between tobacco control, and obesity control, in the Huffington Post today.

The dangers of smoking have been well documented and obesity is now America’s epidemic; perhaps that’s part of the reason governmental and institutional funding on obesity research has increased, while spending on tobacco control has plummeted.  Check out the full Huffington Post article here to read the compelling Katz advocate the belief that one area of research should not hold precedence over another in terms of creating overall holistic health.  In a time when the word “holistic” is deemed as new-age and hippie, it’s refreshing to see Katz embrace the idea with the statement: A healthy person is healthy — in whole, not in part.



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