Latest Major U.S. Food Recalls: Addendum

Last month I posted the latest major U.S. food recalls. Nineteen days later and already 8 more foods have been added to the list. Some are uncommon and lesser-known products (garlic spread and bison steaks), some are widespread everyday purchases (canned tuna and bagged spinach), and some I’d prefer remain off the shelves (froot loops and apple jacks). Nothing personal, Kellogg; I did love Eggo’s as a kid.

  • Ready Pac Bagged Spinach 7.9.10Ready Pac has recalled 702 cases of spinach sold under “Ready Pac Baby Spinach” and “Spinach Temptations” because of possible E.Coli contamination.
  • Champion Nutrition Chocolate Peanut Butter Whey Protein 7.9.10 – Champion Nutrition is recalling the 5-pound containers because peanuts were not properly listed on the ingredients label, putting those with nut allergies at risk.
  • Rocky Mountain Natural Meats Bison Product 7.5.10 – Rocky Mountain Natural Meats has recalled 66,000 pounds of ground and tenderized steak bison products after an E. coli outbreak was linked to the products. So far, five cases in Colorado and one in New York have been attributed to the bison.
  • Roba Dolce Double Chocolate Chunk Gelato 7.3.10 – Roba Dolce has recalled the 33.8-ounce containers of the double chocolate chunk gelato because the ice cream may contain peanuts, which were not listed on the ingredient list.
  • Cervelat Summer Sausage 7.3.10 – Cervelat has recalled 9,408 pounds of the sausage packaged between April 14, 2010 and June 22, 2010 because it failed to include the products ingredients, which may include milk.
  • Chicken Of The Sea White Tuna 7.2.10 – Chicken of the Sea white tuna packed in water has been recalled after 1,105 cases of cans (totaling 13,260 cans) sold from New York to California were found improperly sealed.  Loosely sealed cans can lead to product contamination by spoilage organisms or pathogens.
  • Pure Base Garlic Spread 6.30.10 – Pure Base Distribution is recalling 4-ounce bottles of “Pure Base Garlic Spread – Concentrate” and 7-ounce bottles of “Pure Base Garlic Spread – Ready to Spread” for failure to list milk and wheat on the ingredient list.
  • Kellogg’s Cereals 6.25.10 – Kellogg recalled 28 million boxes of Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Froot Loops and Honey Smacks cereals, “saying a ‘waxy’ smell and flavor coming from the package liners could make people sick.”

What a perfect time to resurrect this gem…



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