The Candwich: A Sandwich In A Can?

As if there weren’t enough bizarre and unhealthy convenience foods on the market, behold, the Candwich. The product, coming out of Mark One Foods, is a cold sandwich, in a can, intending to be sold in vending machines.  To date, the flavors are Peanut Butter and Jelly and BBQ Chicken.  Next up for the can, plans for Pepperoni Pizza and French Toast.

The New York Times reported this week that Travis L. Wright, the Utah-based financier backing the Candwich, is being sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission for lying to his investors.  Wright lied to the investors saying he was investing their money in commercial real estate, when really he was channeling their money to the Candwich.  Did he really believe in this crazy product that much?  Despite the lawsuit, Mark One President Mark Kirkland wants to go ahead with the Candwich and remains hopeful it will go into production this year.

At the present time, Mark One Foods website is down.  Maybe there’s hope after all that this product is getting canned.  Pun intended.



One thought on “The Candwich: A Sandwich In A Can?

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