Dr. Mark Hyman: Creating Health in the 21st Century

Food is the most powerful tool we have on earth, so stated Dr. Mark Hyman this past Saturday to an audience of hundreds in New York City.  Hyman theorizes that food can alter our entire internal system by turning on and off the genes in our DNA that cause disease.  Believing in a single moment genes will change depending on the information they receive.  For better or for worse.  “Diseases do not show up out of nowhere, our bodies have an entire individual system of evolutional changes.”  The body is a constant changing being and unlike the theory of gravity or the theory of relativity, there is no one size fits all theory of medicine.  There is no natural law of medicine, as medicine is reactive and different for every human being.  Modern healthcare is too focused on treating the symptom, not the whole system, claims Hyman.  Instead of treating disease with a band-aid, he believes all we (everyday citizens, doctors, scientists, government, healthcare professionals, etc…) need to create optimal health in the 21st Century is to understand two basic underlying systems: what is causing imbalance and what can we do to create balance.  According to Hyman, the 5 things that act on our biology and create disease are toxins, allergens, infections, diet and stress.

To clear imbalance ask: Does this person need to be rid of what’s causing illness:

  • Toxins (biologic, elemental and synthetic)
  • Allergens (food, mold, dust, animal products, pollens, chemicals)
  • Anti-microbial infections (bacteria, yeast, parasites, prions, etc.)
  • Poor diet/lifestyle
  • Stress (physical, emotional, and psychological)

To create balance ask: Does this person have some unmet individual need; are they not getting enough:

  • Healthy proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fiber
  • Vitamins, minerals, nutrients and hormones
  • Light, water, air
  • Movement
  • Sleep
  • Love and Community
  • Meaning and Purpose in their lives

For more of Dr. Hyman’s work cited on the Wellness Made Natural blog, click here and here.



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