Deepak Chopra: Quantum Physics and Global Health

Dr. Deepak Chopra is an established endocrinologist, founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, universal scholar of quantum physics, best-selling author, and aficionado of the mind-body connection.  I had the utmost pleasure of seeing him speak this past weekend.  The topic: Reinventing The Body – Reinventing The Soul.  Chopra believes the human body is a process of our own consciousness; that our mind is not in our brain, but in every cell of our body.  In other words, the immune system and nervous system are intertwined because all over our body’s cell walls are receptors for neuropeptides (our molecules of emotion).  Basically what Chopra is saying is that we have complete control over our thoughts, emotions, health and wellbeing.  Now I realize most people don’t geek out over quantum physics the way I do so here is the area of his lecture most pertinent to health and wellness.  (Check out the film What The Bleep Do We Know if you’re interested in the above mentioned topic)

Dr. Chopra has teamed with the leaders of the Gallup Poll to create a network of wellbeing necessary to achieve global health.  Here are the preliminary results that define the 6 essential areas to conquer a personal and universal world of wellness.

  • Career: Only 20% of people are happy in their careers.  Chopra believes one of the most important things you can do for your health is to find a career/job/boss/work environment that promotes growth and happiness.
  • Social: If you have friends that are happy, you will be happy, meaning the happiness of others surrounding you directly affects your own happiness.
  • Physical: Exercise, a good nights sleep and a healthy diet full of phytochemicals are the 3 factors that promote physical health.
  • Financial: Chopra’s advice for financial health, don’t spend what you haven’t earned; don’t buy what you don’t need; don’t buy to impress others; act philanthropically.
  • Community: Volunteer, get involved in your community, and organize events to bring people together.
  • Spirituality: or as Chopra says, “the only energy that never runs out.”  Spiritual wellbeing includes yoga, meditation, awareness, freedom, world wisdom, existentialism, and growth.

*Side note: Given Dr. Chopra’s accomplishments, it was entertaining to hear him recall candid and humorous stories of his first days in America, which happened to be his first days as a practicing M.D.  After completing his medical training in India, Chopra came directly to New York to answer our call for assistance during the Vietnam War (but not without a quick stop in Paris to spend his very last cent at the Moulin Rouge Nightclub).  Day one at the hospital not only included his extreme nausea at the thought of working on real human beings, but his asking for a “torch” to pronounce a man dead to the complete shock and horror of the nursing staff (he learned English in the British dialect which refers to a flashlight as a torch).  I guarantee those nurses never thought he’d become the world-renowned success he is today…



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