Chocolate Flavored Toddler Formula?

This is the newest product from Enfagrow: Chocolate Flavored Toddler Formula.  The formula is aimed at picky 12–36 month olds who don’t prefer/can’t tolerate regular tasting formula.  The product does include essential nutrients and omega 3’s on the ingredient list…right next to the sugar (19 grams per 7-ounce serving), chocolate and artificial flavors.

It is no secret that Obesity and Type 2 diabetes are becoming major childhood epidemics.  The latest statistics from the CDC reveal that 20 percent of children are either obese or at risk of becoming obese and that Type 2 diabetes in children and adolescents is a sizeable and growing problem with type 2 diabetes accounting for almost 50% of referrals to pediatric centers.  So I am confused as to why Enfagrow would perpetuate the cycle by including large amounts of sugar and chocolate in something as necessary and beneficial as formula.  I don’t have babies so my knowledge of fussy eaters and formula is insignificant, but I do know this: a regular diet of sweet drinks can increase the likelihood of a child developing an addiction to sugar and lessen their chance of developing healthy taste buds.

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