Dr. Annemarie Colbin: The Natural Gourmet Institute and Healing with Food

The Natural Gourmet Institute is an innovative NYC culinary school centered on all natural, health-supportive cuisine.  Last month I attended a lecture at the school on quantum physics and food with my husband.  The schools owner and founder, Dr. Annemarie Colbin, was giving the lecture and I was excited to meet her.  Having opened the school over 30 years ago, she is a true visionary of present day food concerns. I consider her a role model and an exceptional woman in the field of culinary health.

*Humorous side note: After the lecture, I introduced myself to Dr. Colbin and my husband lovingly proceeded to tell her what an amazing healthy chef I am (I couldn’t help but blush).  A second later as we were walking out, he noticed all the books for sale by her and said, “Look, they have books by that woman who just spoke for sale here.”  That’s when I, completely amused, realized I never told him who the woman giving the lecture was.  Imagine our laughter as he realized he’d just been hyping my culinary skills to the owner of a culinary school.

Yesterday on the Huffington Post, Pooja R. Mottl interviewed Dr. Colbin on the power of healing yourself with food.  Here are some of the highlights of Dr. Colbin’s remarks:

  • “The idea that food can profoundly affect our health has now taken root in the mainstream”: Physicians are now beginning to look at the effects of nutrition on cancer and health (See Dr. Dean Ornish).
  • “To insure you have good food, cook it yourself”: Teach kids to cook at home from scratch, not the microwave. Value the importance of families sitting down and eating together.
  • Beware of where you receive your fish, farm fed fish and Genetically Modified foods:  Check out the Blue Ocean Institute.
  • “Our bodies are designed by Nature to live on the foods that Nature provides, they will detect a difference if they are given only part of those foods and then go looking for what is missing”: Whole foods are defined as those with all their edible parts — whole grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and small animal foods like eggs, seafood, small fish, and some small-sized fowl.
  • Rebalance your diet without making drastic changes: “Eat salad or other greens once or twice a day, have brothy soups (no cream, no starch — e.g. chicken, vegetable, or miso soups) in at least one meal per day and eat fruit instead of flour-sugar desserts.”
  • “If your kitchen has ingredients and seasonings from France, Spain, Italy, Japan, India, and China, you can make really fabulous and interesting meals.”



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