Meatless Mondays in San Francisco

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has unanimously passed a nonbinding resolution declaring every Monday as “meat-free”.  According to the NY Times, the resolution is only urging restaurants, schools, and stores to provide more vegetarian meat-free options.  Their objective: to improve general civic health by protecting the health of individuals and the planet.  Some are up in arms over this, but must remember it is nonbinding; meaning the board is simply saying that offering more vegetarian options on Mondays is ideal, but not legally enforced.

Offering more “plant-based” options is a worthwhile action and I am all for that.  San Francisco must keep in mind though that meat is not the only culprit here.  There are many vegetarians who do not have a healthy diet; largely consuming an abundance of simple carbs, cheese, and processed fake meats. Ideally, this resolution will encourage more vegetables, fruits, healthy eating and a broadening of culinary horizons.

Paul McCartney is an advocate and who am I to argue with a Beatle?



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