The Jamie Oliver Mission

If you’ve turned on your television in the past few weeks chances are you’ve seen promos for Jamie Oliver’s new Food Revolution program.  If not, maybe you caught him on Oprah last week, read an interview with him, noticed the buzz all over the Internet, or saw him in the NY Times.  Unlike most “celebrities”, I couldn’t be happier for the press he is receiving.  I have loved Jamie Oliver ever since he was the Naked Chef (metaphorically not literally) on the Food Network and now even more given the mission he is on.  His mission is clear: Get America Healthy.  Revamp our school lunches, the way we eat, how we prepare our food and most importantly, what we eat. We can’t deny the numerous sources that fast food and overly processed foods are making us overweight, sick, and depressed.  Heart disease, which a healthy lifestyle and diet can protect against, is the number #1 killer in America.  Type 2 diabetes and obesity are major risk factors in developing heart disease and have sadly become childhood epidemics.  Jamie Oliver’s goal is to get us back in the kitchen and connected to the food we eat; with any luck reversing and preventing much of the damage done.  If you’d like, take a look at his website and sign his petition, helping him make change for our country, improve school lunches and get America healthy.

Food Revolution airs on ABC Friday nights at 9p.m.



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