The Fruits and Vegetables of Spring

If the current weather is any indicator, Spring is officially here.  Spring is a time of growth and renewal; a time to lighten up after all the heaviness and darkness of Winter. With that comes a change of dress, mood, and above all, a change in diet.  Eating seasonally optimizes freshness, taste, and nutrients… and if that’s not enough, the greater abundance of crops during their respective season is generally easier on the wallet (goes back to that whole supply and demand theory).  If your neighborhood provides it or you’re feeling ambitious, check out your local farmer’s market for not only what’s in season, but also what’s local.  Buying locally adds a whole new level of freshness and taste.  Fruits and vegetables are shipped all over the world, when transporting the crops they must be harvested early and kept in refrigerators so they don’t rot during transportation, all the while diminishing nutrients and flavor.

All of the recipes I will be posting in the next 3 months will highlight the fruits and vegetables of Spring.

In Season for Spring

Artichokes Asparagus Arugula Avocado Apricots
Beets Carrots Celeriac Chard Cherries
Fava Beans Fennel Grapefruit Kiwi Leeks
Lemons Mango Mint Navel Oranges Parsley
Peas Pineapple Radishes Rhubarb Scallions
Spinach Strawberries Turnips Watercress Watermelon



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