Florida, Golf, Cholesterol and Sun…

At what age is it too late to reverse your health?  After the age of 65 is dietary damage actually reversible, is it worth it?  Can someone change after a lifetime of a high cholesterol, high fat, and non-nutritious diet?  I suppose becoming a vegan or raw foodist might reverse some damage or increase well-being, but let’s be realistic.  How many 70 year old men do you know that would eat a diet consisting of raw foods or no animal products at this point in his life?  Our current senior citizen population didn’t face the heart and dietary issues to the extent we are facing them.  It is only within the last 40 years that people started to correlate diet and heart disease.  Medications, Lap bands, Bypasses and now Stents have become standard protocol.  Is this a concern only for baby boomers and younger?

I’ve just returned from visiting my in-laws in Florida where my husband was playing in a golf tournament with his father.  Every afternoon when Steve would return he’d recall to me how the men at the club ate.  For breakfast: eggs, bacon, sausage and hash browns.  Lunch: hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, baked beans with bacon, potato salad and ice cream.  And not just a few bites, they would pile their plates high.  To close the tournament we attended a formal dinner at the club; the salad was an iceberg wedge with blue cheese dressing and bits of fried onion, dinner was steak with a butter sauce, green beans in butter and a baked potato with sour cream.  My mother in-law actually called ahead of time to request a plain piece of fish, not cooked in butter, for us.  To their crowd, we are the young health nuts.  This community is retired, they have worked hard their entire lives, they are set in their ways and are enjoying life, so who am I to question what they eat.  Is it worth trying to explain the ramifications of such a poor diet? In this day and age is it just expected that men of a certain age will have some variation of a heart problem and coinciding procedure?



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